July 28, 2010

DIY invitations, part 2


  • I printed the invitations on our HP ColorJet printer.  I only needed to buy a new color ink cartridge before printing and it lasted for all 300 cards!  
  • The printing took me a few hours on a Saturday.  
  • I found that the printing looked much better if you printed in small batches (10 cards or so) at a time.  Once I set the printer to print 15 at a time and the color began to fade on the last one.
  • With the 4 bar cards, I had to feed each one through individually because the printer would shoot two through at a time.
  • Practice stamping!  Because the white enclosure card (the card mounted onto the slightly larger blue card) was slightly textured, the stamp rarely turned out "perfect."  Now I think they look just fine, but I was a little disappointed at first.
  • Ink your stamp every time!
  • You can stamp and powder several (we maybe had 15 sitting around at one point) before heating them.
  • Wash and dry the stamps frequently so that you get nice sharp lines and don't have much bleeding of ink.

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