November 20, 2009

Indie Wed

I just bought my ticket to Indie Wed!

Here is the description from the website:
On January 30th 2010, Chicago will be the location for a unique wedding event. The event, called Indie Wed will be the first of its kind in the Midwest, bringing together local vendors with a twist. Indie Wed caters to unconventional couples who are taking a more modern, edgy, or eco-friendly approach to their special day as well as the more conservative couples who simply want to add some special touches.
The event will highlight the work of local independent designers specializing in various wedding related fields including stationery, cakes & pastries, fashion, catering, floral design and photography.
What also makes this event unique is that it is both a wedding show as well as a market where vendors will be selling their wedding related wares on the spot.
I'm really excited!  My friend Lauren, who is getting married in July 2010, has agreed to go with me.  We're both big etsy fans, so I think we'll find a lot of things that we like there.  I haven't been to a bridal show, and I wasn't really planning on going to one, but this one looks so cool! 

November 16, 2009


So we decided on our photographer.  Bryan Swisher photographed my friends Betsy and Jon's wedding in May 2009.  I was a bridesmaid in that wedding also, so I got to see Bryan in action most of the day.  He's very quick and easy to be around all day.  I think that's what is most important.  You have to be comfortable with your photographer because you have to smile at him all day long

And Joe and I both really like to take pictures and so we wanted to find someone who has an eye for detail and is creative.  We met with Bryan and got to see some of his pictures and talk to him about what kinds of pictures we want, and he can do it all.  The photojournalistic pictures of the cake and the flowers and the rings, the candid pics, and the posed pics.  We didn't want to be limited to one style, so Bryan's ability to get it all done is what made the decision for us. 

After all, the photos are probably the only reminder that we'll have of our wedding day in 2030.

November 11, 2009

The most important detail--dancing

Ok, so maybe it's not the most important part of the day, but the music is key to everyone having a great time at the wedding!  I've already told Joe that I'll be spending the entire time dancing once dinner is over.  He's not too keen on that idea, but I think I'll get him used to it in the next year. :)

So with that in mind, we hired our DJ!  My friends Debbie and Rob used the company something2dance2 for their wedding, and since I was a bridesmaid I really got to experience Something 2 Dance 2 first hand.  Jon, who DJ'd (is that spelled right?) at their was great!  And Debbie and Rob LOVED the company.  And it's also been part of the "the knot best of weddings" since 2007!

Something 2 Dance 2 uses an online planning tool so that they can get to know the bride and groom through stories about their relationship, how they got engaged, etc.  The site also has an extensive list of songs that you can request to be played or not to be played at your wedding.  The DJ basically acts as a wedding coordinator, also, making sure that toasts, pictures, and dances are all done in an easy manner.  So you're paying for two services in one!  Who can pass up that bargain???  :)

November 5, 2009

Stamp it up!

I first found custom stamps on Etsy during one of my long nights of "putzing," as Joe likes to call it.  But then tonight, in another night of putzing on wedding blogs, I found a giveaway for one of these BEAUTIFUL custom stamps from Barbara Kua Calligraphy!

Imagine how much time this would save, plus how fantastic the invites/thank yous/save the dates/etc would look!  To enter the giveaway head to Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bridezilla before November 8!!!