November 11, 2009

The most important detail--dancing

Ok, so maybe it's not the most important part of the day, but the music is key to everyone having a great time at the wedding!  I've already told Joe that I'll be spending the entire time dancing once dinner is over.  He's not too keen on that idea, but I think I'll get him used to it in the next year. :)

So with that in mind, we hired our DJ!  My friends Debbie and Rob used the company something2dance2 for their wedding, and since I was a bridesmaid I really got to experience Something 2 Dance 2 first hand.  Jon, who DJ'd (is that spelled right?) at their was great!  And Debbie and Rob LOVED the company.  And it's also been part of the "the knot best of weddings" since 2007!

Something 2 Dance 2 uses an online planning tool so that they can get to know the bride and groom through stories about their relationship, how they got engaged, etc.  The site also has an extensive list of songs that you can request to be played or not to be played at your wedding.  The DJ basically acts as a wedding coordinator, also, making sure that toasts, pictures, and dances are all done in an easy manner.  So you're paying for two services in one!  Who can pass up that bargain???  :)

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