November 16, 2009


So we decided on our photographer.  Bryan Swisher photographed my friends Betsy and Jon's wedding in May 2009.  I was a bridesmaid in that wedding also, so I got to see Bryan in action most of the day.  He's very quick and easy to be around all day.  I think that's what is most important.  You have to be comfortable with your photographer because you have to smile at him all day long

And Joe and I both really like to take pictures and so we wanted to find someone who has an eye for detail and is creative.  We met with Bryan and got to see some of his pictures and talk to him about what kinds of pictures we want, and he can do it all.  The photojournalistic pictures of the cake and the flowers and the rings, the candid pics, and the posed pics.  We didn't want to be limited to one style, so Bryan's ability to get it all done is what made the decision for us. 

After all, the photos are probably the only reminder that we'll have of our wedding day in 2030.

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