January 7, 2010

What's next?

I have the place, the dress, the dj, the florist, and the photographer.  What do I do next? 

I'm thinking about the invitations.  I'm not sure what the best (read: cheapest) option is.  I want them to be more personal than something that anyone can just buy at the store.  I was planning on having a good friend of mine design the invites and then order them from Vista Print, but I think that might be more expensive than I was hoping.  I can get paper cheaply and then do them myself, but is that too risky?  

(source: Martha Stewart)

What can go wrong?  Problems with the printer.  Ink, paper feed malfunctions, etc.  Crooked lines.  I might end up having to spend more to fix mistakes.  But they'd be all mine.  And look how beautiful those invitations from Martha Stewart are!  

What to do?  


  1. Some thicknesses of paper don't go through home printers very well. I found that out when I was printing maps/directions for our welcome bags. I would look into Etsy and Wedding Paper Divas. They can be surprisingly inexpensive... and less of a hassle. Save money by DIY'ing the other paper elements you might want to use in the wedding.

  2. for me the hardest thing about diy invitations is that i'm ready to cry by the time i get to the 60th one. it's really time consuming and tedious to make the same thing over and over. but i used to be an event planner and have made many a wedding invitation.

    abbie is definitely right about printers having trouble with too much thinkness. i've never had trouble with cardstock (110-150). anything too textured is hard to print evenly. you could print on thinner paper and then attach it to thick, textured paper.

    you could always go simple with the invites themselves by printing on nice cardstock and roudning the edges, but then making a cool belly band in your colors or adding some sewing maching stitching or ribbon.

  3. I like the idea of simple. I am thinking of maybe stamping or embossing a monogram onto the invites. Rounding the edges or using some other edge punch would give some nice detail. I also like the idea of textured paper with something attached to it.