December 1, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses!

I am so excited about my bridesmaid dresses!  I found them on sale at JCrew and snatched them up immediately.  I wanted all three girls to try them on before we settled on them just to make sure that they were all comfortable in them and that they were as cute in person as they were online.  With a few alterations, I think they're going to be perfect!  And for only $90 each!  (They're now marked down even lower, but I didn't want to wait, since JCrew often sells out of sizes very quickly)

I knew I wanted navy blue, but I didn't have a specific style in mind.  I think they'll wear thin black belts like the model, but I think black patent leather shoes.  It's a more casual look, but I think the girls will be comfortable and will hopefully wear the dresses again.  Though, my sister Terri tells me that she absolutely will not wear it again because there will be too many pictures of her in the dress.  She's nuts....

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