December 9, 2009

Is orange too much?


This picture is the inspiration for my flowers and accent colors.  I have always had a thing for orange, and I love the contrast with the dark purple and bright pink.  I also saw a bouquet at a flower shop that had lime green hydrangeas and I thought that might add that in for an extra pop of color.  Not that it really needs it....

But now I'm in a quandary.  What is my accent color?  I am planning on putting floral centerpieces on half of the tables and a non-floral centerpiece on the other half.  I want to add color to the non-floral centerpieces, but I'm not sure which color to use!  And also, the guys will need to wear colored ties.  And the invitations.  And lots more!

I don't want to do bright pink.  I love it, but I have a few friends using that color next year, so I want something different.  I am leaning towards orange, but I do not want the wedding to have a fall, or worse--Halloween--theme.  I love the look of fall decorations, but I don't want my wedding to have a seasonal theme.  For some reason I'm just not into that.  Not sure why.  I think it's really cute whenever I see pictures. 

Enough rambling and back to my first thought: is orange too much?

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