December 19, 2009

More color questions

(source: The Bride's Guide)
So, these are the colors that I want in my wedding.  Aren't those flowers in the middle gorgeous?  And I love that pink tie.  The pattern is different, and I love how it incorporates different shades of the same color.

Navy dresses, and flowers in these colors, plus maybe lime green hydrangeas.  So in order to avoid the Halloween look, what color ties should the guys wear?  Orange is out (sadly).  If they were black or charcoal suits, maybe a navy blue tie?  That would certainly make this decision a whole lot easier.  Plum?  Lime green?  I'm still on the fence about the green, though.  The board above just looks so great the with the colors as is.



  1. You could always do a patterned tie with a couple of the colors you're looking at. We had each groomsman wear a different tie, each with the same base color.

  2. what about purple ties with orange boutonnieres or pocket squares?

  3. We're thinking about having the guys wear gray suits and maybe navy ties to match the BM dresses. I like purple ties, though. For the boutonnieres I was thinking orange for the groom and pink for the groomsman. Not sure yet, though.

    I like the idea of different ties, too. That would be really fun, and then each tie could match the person's personality.